Friday, April 17, 2020

Discussion #1 : Chapters 1-5 "The Tale of Despereaux"

Discussion Questions for Chapter 1-5 of "The Tale of Despereaux"

1. How is Despereaux different from other mice?

2. What happens when Despereaux's sister tries to teach him to nibble paper?

3. What do you think about Despereaux's family?

4. Did you read or learn any new words you had never seen before?

5. What did you think of chapters 1-5? Did you like them? What do you think is going to happen next?

Answer the questions down below in the comments!
Next Friday we will discuss chapters 6-10!
Happy Reading!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Friends - This is Miss Alyssa!

    I'm going to write my discussion question answers down, and you can too in the comments sections!

    1. Despereaux is different from other mice by the way he looks (his ears and his eyes) and the way that he acts.

    2. Despereaux wants to read the story instead of eat it!

    3. I think Despereaux's family is not very nice to him.

    4. I didn't learn any new works - but all the mouse names in the story are very interesting and a little tough to pronounce!

    5. I liked reading the first 5 chapters. I think Despereaux may become friends with the Princess.


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